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During this uncertain time Pyramid Press are trying hard to support its
customers in a safe and responsible way.
Please get in touch if you need us…

Pyramid Press COVID-19 Statement

Seriously you want it when……… ?

A lot can happen and be achieved within 24 hours!  The phone can ring and simultaneously an email can ping your inbox.  That was exactly what happen to us last week. The classic, ‘I’m ringing you to let you know I’ve emailed you’ was the opening line to the conversation.  It was Thursday mid-morning, when our client phoned in a controlled panic, they had an event on Saturday, and needed 500 brochures for their delegate packs.  The email was the artwork.

This was no simply operation, the artwork was mainly black, detailed match up across spreads, proofs had to be output, the cover had to be matt laminated, oh and the paper had be ordered, and tactful and challenging conversations with production was required.  This was not a simple job; the brochure was intended to be a souvenir of the event and had to be flawless.  Printing this digitally was not an option.

With great planning, attention to detail and focusing on client expectations, we flexed our production muscles, and slotted this project into our busy production schedule (and with last minute amends to the artwork) and delivered 550 brochures on Friday afternoon.  Our client was extremely delighted and comment ‘wow….you clearly have made a rod for your own back with this level of service’.  It’s simply what we do, all the time.  So next time when you think ‘impossible, we’ll need more time’ talk to us, we will help.


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