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The perfect match…………….up!

You have spent a fortune of photography, hours on selecting the right images.  Painstakingly positioned your final images into your brochure.  After numerous meetings and discussions with your client, selecting materials, size and binding options you get approval to go to press.  Days pass, and you are excited to see your photo’s in your perfect bound brochure, only to be disappointed at the match ups across the spreads.

With careful planning, experience, an eye for detail, match ups across spreads on perfect bound brochures can be achieved.

Getting it right at repro is only the start of the process.  Careful guillotining, immaculate folding and precise binding will help you achieve your design goals.  The minutest of movement can create a mismatch across the spread and obscure the image, or worse miss out vital details.

Pictured is one of many ‘match-ups’ within the brochure.  Should you like to see this and other samples of our work, please contact Jas.

Match up 1

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