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During this uncertain time Pyramid Press are trying hard to support its
customers in a safe and responsible way.
Please get in touch if you need us…

Pyramid Press COVID-19 Statement

Test the market (spend less) before the launching your brochure to the masses (spend wisely).

Selecting the right quantity to print is always tricky to judge.  You don’t want to print too many and see your money wasted, nor do you want to print too few and miss out on opportunities.

Using Pyramid’s latest digital print technology we can print a small amount, for you to gauge your audience.  We can personalise every copy for you, too.  For a several clients we have digitally printed their brochure prior to launch of the litho-printed, to identify potential success rates.  This allows them to make any necessary amendments.  The photo below shows a few instances, that clients have printed a small digital run prior to a larger litho run.

Let Pyramid Press help you spend less more wisely whilst maximize your print budget.  One of the main benefits using Pyramid Press is that we offer both digital and litho, print given you an all encompassing service.

The same document, initially printed digitally  (left) then conventionally (right).

The same document, initially printed digitally (top) then conventionally (bottom).

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