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A Remarkable Piece of Print for a Remarkable Building.

Trinity House is Nottingham’s newest flagship building for E.ON.  Trinity House will hold  ‘BREEM’ Excellent accreditation and Energy Performance Certificate rate of ‘A’.   Grade ‘A’ and ‘Excellent’ are two terms that can be applied to the gorgeous tactile brochure we produced for Trinity House.

Every print project undertakes a unique path from initial conversation with the client, through to completion and beyond.  The process of bringing the Trinity House brochure to life was particularly interesting and makes a compelling case study, of how to do things right.

Every complicated jobs, begins life as a prototype. Based on the clients specification of

Case Cover – 135gsm Dark Blue Colorplan
Endpapers – 135gsm Colorplan Bright Red
96pp Text – 170gsm Silk
16pp Text – 150gsm Offset

We engineered a prototype.

However the cases curled within a 24-hour period.  Having not experienced this phenomenon before, we had to go back to the drawing board and identify what caused the curling.  Over a 6-week period we produced several prototypes.  Using different materials for the case covers, case boards and endpapers (changing weights / grain directions and leaving them in different environments i.e hot / cold to see if this also had an effect).  Our extensive research pointed to the Colorplan material being the root of our problem.  Having used Wibalin on previous case bound books, we recommended to the client that Wibalin needs to substitute the Colorplan, and provided them another prototype using the Wibalin.

Once the case bound sample was approved, we then amended the artwork for the deboss on the case cover so it was central from spine to fore-edge and amended the flat size and individual panel size of the dust jacket whilst also re-positioning the spot UV varnish area.

Every aspect of the process was micro managed by Vicki at Pyramid Press, working closely with the client, Vicki held the clients hand through the entire process.  Helping the client pass various sections on press and the debossing on the cover, Vicki’s organizational and customer services skills ensured that we delivered in a brochure of equal quality to the magnificent Trinity House building

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